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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Screencast - It's basically "Show & Tell"

Remember being a kid and getting to stand up in front of the class and talk about a vacation or something cool you did over the summer. You got to use props to explain what you did. It was so cool.

Now you can use screencasts to do the same thing, show people how to do things and share them with others. It's amazing to watch someone watching a screencast and its so simple to do.

A screencast is basically a video of the computer screen, if you have a mic handy you can talk while you explain things on the computer and just walk someone through a process.

Tip - It's good if you spend more time doing and less time talking. One of the things that can make screencasts really powerful is more showing and less lecturing. A lot of people tend to ramble and talk for minutes without showing anything, if you like to talk you may want to get a webcam (camera on your computer that takes a video of you). As screencasts get really boring when we cannot see you talk or any movement. Its also easy to blend a webcam video of yourself with a screencast of the screen but we'll cover that at a later time. For now try to focus on just showing more with the screencast.

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