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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Camtasia Studio - Mac

Wow Camtasia studio mac came out today, although a friend told me they have been talking about it for quite a while. So I jumped right on it and downloaded it. Keep in mind I have more pc's than macs so I'm probably pc biased.

Installation on the mac is kind of confusing for pc users. Install requires manual steps and reading ... actual work! Had to drag and drop stuff to the application folder and reboot the computer for a 3rd party audio driver, the mac is unix why reboot just restart the drivers doh!

I have an imac dual core 2.0 ghz (recommended system).

First impression, running the program only wants to record the full screen, video from the mac camera and your audio. Not sure why I want a 1680x1050 video to start with. But it did a great job recording my video. I can toggle on or off video image of me but it defaults to me.

But how do I stop the video from being recorded (there is a little red button on the top of the screen to click).

There are a good deal of nice video editing options including the ability to zoom up and pan on the video which you'll need to do as the default video when you save the file is 1/4 the size of the original and you'll get some distortion.

For $99 it's a good value for first generation product but it needs some work on the capture screen size and exporting options ... but knowing techsmith the upgrade will probably be $149 when v2 comes out. I'll play around with it a little more and post some videos to screencastwizard on later.

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